4 Best Cannabis Strains to Enhance Arousal

Using cannabis to “set the mood” is nothing new. In fact, cannabis was used as an aphrodisiac in India dating back to the seventh century, while texts across China, African nations, and Germanic tribes in Europe all point to its use for enhanced sexual experiences. But as strains of cannabis have become more potent and offer a variety of effects from energizing to intense relaxation, not all strains are ideal for creating an amorous atmosphere. To help you determine the right option, we’re sharing our four favorite cannabis strains to enhance sex and romance.

Using Cannabis for Arousal in a Safe Way

Cannabis can enhance the sexual experience for a few key reasons: 

  • Heightens sensitivity to touch;
  • Increases the intensity of physical and emotional feelings;
  • Helps the user feel relaxed and euphoric;
  • Opens up communication and connection.

Feeling happy, relaxed, and open to communication are all key to creating an enjoyable experience with your partner. However, before consuming cannabis, with the intent to increase sensuality, make sure you talk to your partner about how you’d like to spend your evening and focus on only using low doses. Edibles or smoking a large quantity can impair judgement and have a strong sedative effect. Instead, focus on a “less is more” approach to consumption and make sure you and your partner maintain open communication. 

4 Best Cannabis Strains for Arousal

Now that the “ground rules” are settled, let’s look at how to choose the right strain for an enjoyable time with your partner. Long Photoperiod Plant strains tend to be energizing, cerebral, and uplifting, while short photoperiod plant strains tend to provide the deeper physical relaxation and sleepy feelings, so combination between short and long photoperiod plants seem to achieve the best results while higher levels of Potency can increase the sensitivity to touch. With this in mind, consider giving these options a try.

Do-Si-Dos Auto

Do-si-dos is a 65 percent short photoperiod plant combination between short and long photoperiod plant, so it creates a euphoric feeling with heightened sensory pleasures and relaxation. However, with 35 percent long photoperiod plant, you’ll experience a bit more energy and motivation, so you and your partner won’t be couch-locked. Long, intimate massages will be particularly satisfying with this popular strain. 

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a 70 percent long photoperiod plant combination between short and long photoperiod plant with around 25 percent Potency potency. This energizing strain increases confidence and creativity, allowing you and your partner to drop inhibitions and have fun as you connect in new and exciting ways. However, this is highly potent, so remember to take it slow with this award-winner from Soma’s Seeds.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze blends an energizing physical feeling with increased focus, but more to it, there’s a bit of a psychedelic, cerebral aspect to this award-winning strain. With its slow onset and excited, uplifting feelings, this results in a mild, relaxing comedown as it wears off. These effects work well with enhancing sensuality and breaking down barriers while still having fun. 

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto is continually popular, and with good reason – it can aid in relieving pain, providing relaxation, and enhancing feelings of physical bliss and euphoria. With a slightly lower Potency content of around 18 percent and a heavier short photoperiod plant presence in this combination between short and long photoperiod plant, this strain is ideal for building intimacy and deeper mental and physical connections without feeling too sleepy or sedated. 

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Mo Smyth, BSN, RN Cannabis Nurse Educator