Strain Profile: AK-Automatico by Narcos Seeds

Narcos Seeds – AK-Automatico Stats at a Glance

Name: AK-Automatico

Breeder: Narcos Seeds

Autoflower or Feminized: Autoflower

Indica and Sativa Content: Indica 15%, Sativa 65%

THC Content: 22%

Indoor Yield: 475 gr/m2

Outdoor Yield: 617.5 gr/m2

Time to Flower: 9-10 Weeks

Tasting Notes: Fruity, Citrus With Hints Of Herbal And Floral Pine Notes

Primary Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene

Recommended Skill Level: Advanced


About AK-Automatico by Narcos Seeds

The AK-Automatico seed product is the result of a strategic engineering protocol implemented to evolve the classic AK-47 strain, originally developed in the early 1990s. The AK-47’s storied reputation for high firepower in THC potency and a rapid-fire flowering period made it a favorite within the cannabis cultivator community. Recognizing its potential, specialized breeders at Narcos Seeds programmed a new phenotypic expression by integrating ruderalis genetics, thus spawning the AK-47 Autoflower variant, also known as AK-Automatico. This genetic optimization calibrated the strain for automatic flowering, irrespective of the light cycle, enhancing its operational effectiveness. Valued for its impressive balance of indica and sativa characteristics, AK-Automatico retains the formidable potency of its predecessor while incorporating the environmental adaptability of ruderalis. This adaptation has been pivotal in allowing cultivators, especially those with advanced level skills, to facilitate cultivation in diverse territorial climates and under variable indoor conditions, with a shorter time frame from seed to harvest. Within the annals of the cannabis industry, AK-Automatico stands as a testament to innovation, embodying the combative spirit of its lineage with a resilient and user-friendly growth profile. Its impact resonates through continued popularity among enthusiasts who prioritize both cultivation efficiency and product potency. While its trophy case may not mirror the storied accumulation of recognitions its antecedent boasts, AK-Automatico’s significance is measured by its usefulness and adaptation in the modern era of cannabis proliferation, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of autoflowering strains within the market’s elite.

Is AK-Automatico feminized or autoflower?

AK-Automatico is an Autoflower strain.

Benefits of Autoflower Strains

The strategic engineering of the AK-Automatico Autoflower cannabis seed strain presents a series of tactical advantages that render it an essential asset in a cultivator’s arsenal. Given its Autoflower nature, it operates with an intrinsic genetic timer, which activates the flowering phase independent of the light cycle, thus eliminating the need for artificial light manipulation and enabling a swift progression from germination to harvest in a mere 9-10 weeks. The inclusion of ruderalis genetics enhances its resilience, allowing it to withstand less than optimal climatic conditions and sudden environmental changes, thereby expanding the operational theaters where cultivation can successfully occur. Furthermore, the compact stature of the AK-Automatico strain, a typical characteristic of autoflowers, maximizes space efficiency, making it an ideal candidate for covert operations in limited areas. Another crucial advantage lies in its ability for multiple harvests within a single season, as cultivators can deploy sequential plantings to ensure continuous production. This strain’s autonomous flowering characteristic also aids in reducing the resource burden, as the need for different vegetative and flowering environments is rendered obsolete, thereby streamlining the cultivation process. Despite its ease of growth, AK-Automatico’s advanced skill level requirement is indicative of its quality output, namely the potent 22% THC level and the rich yield of up to 617.5 gr/m2 outdoors, that commands respect and delivers high-impact results. This combination of operational efficiency, environmental resilience, and high-yield output fortifies the AK-Automatico Autoflower strain’s superiority in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

Indica and Sativa Percentage in AK-Automatico

The cannabis seed strain AK-47 Autoflower, also known as AK-Automatico, possesses a precise genetic makeup with sativa dominance. It exhibits a sativa composition of 65%, which imbues the strain with characteristic uplifting and cerebral effects, offering an energizing influence typically associated with sativa varieties. The remaining genetic profile includes a 15% indica component, which contributes to the relaxation and physical comfort aspects of the strain, tempering the sativa’s vigor with a measure of the calming traits indicas are renowned for. These percentages are meticulously calculated to provide a well-balanced experience, favoring sativa’s alertness and creativity while ensuring the soothing undertones of indica can be sufficiently perceived.

Things to Consider When Growing AK-Automatico Indoors

Successful cultivation of the cannabis seed strain AK-47 Autoflower, when operational indoors, demands meticulous control over environmental conditions. Optimal temperature regulation is pivotal, with a recommended range of 20-25°C (68-77°F) during the lights-on phase and a slight decrease during lights-off to prevent thermal stress. Humidity levels should be adjusted throughout its life cycle, starting from a higher humidity of 65-70% during the seedling phase, gradually decreasing to 40-50% during flowering to thwart mold insurgencies. As an autoflowering strain, AK-Automatico requires a light cycle that remains consistent, and an 18/6 or 20/4 hour light-to-dark ratio is recommended to maximize photosynthetic activity without the need for alteration as it transitions from vegetative to flowering stages. Nutrient requirements for AK-47 Autoflower are moderate but must be administered vigilantly; balanced N-P-K values during vegetative growth shift to a lower nitrogen and higher phosphorus and potassium intake during flowering to support bud development. Over-nutrition must be avoided, as this strain may exhibit signs of nutrient burn if pushed beyond its thresholds. Watering frequency should be carefully monitored to maintain moist but not waterlogged substrate, as the autoflowering nature of this strain means a smaller root zone that is prone to both over- and under-watering. Special attention must be given to pH levels, maintaining a range between 6.0 and 7.0 to ensure nutrient uptake. Potential challenges include managing the rapid growth while providing adequate space and support for the developing plant, along with monitoring for pests and diseases that may exploit its compact environment. Mastery of these conditions will ensure the AK-47 Autoflower thrives, producing efficient yields and maintaining its engineered genetic robustness.

Things to Consider When Growing AK-Automatico Outdoors

The outdoor growth of the cannabis seed strain AK-47 Autoflower is influenced by several environmental parameters that require strategic monitoring for optimal performance. Climate plays a decisive role; the strain thrives in conditions that mirror Mediterranean-type environments, with consistent warmth and moderate humidity, while still maintaining sufficient resilience to tolerate cooler climates thanks to its ruderalis heritage. Sunlight exposure is critical, and the strain must be stationed in a location with ample direct light—at least six hours—daily to fuel its photosynthetic processes and ensure robust development. Soil quality is foundational, requiring rich organic content and excellent drainage. A pH level between 6.0 and 7.0 must be maintained for proper nutrient absorption. Concerning nutrients, the AK-47 Autoflower prefers a lighter feeding compared to non-autoflowering strains, with gradual adjustments as it transitions through growth phases to avoid nutrient toxicity. Water requirements are demanding but not excessive; growers must balance maintaining soil moisture without over-saturating, as the plant’s compact root system can be susceptible to rot. Moreover, the establishment of a protective ecosystem is necessary to mitigate potential threats from pests such as spider mites or budworms, and diseases like powdery mildew or botrytis, particularly in regions with dense foliage or high moisture levels. One unique consideration for AK-47 Autoflower is its relatively quick turnaround from germination to harvest, which allows growers to strategize plantings within a confined annual window to achieve multiple harvest cycles, provided the climate is supportive. Its autoflowering nature absorbs fluctuating daylight hours with minimal stress, making it an ideal candidate for varying latitudes and extended growing seasons. When these factors are optimized, AK-47 Autoflower capitalizes on outdoor cultivation to yield potent and abundant harvests, fulfilling its genetic potential with strategic environmental integration.

Factors That Affect Flowering Time In AK-Automatico

To optimize and potentially accelerate the flowering time of the “AK-47 Autoflower” cannabis seed strain, growers must adhere to a regimented care schedule. Environmental conditions should be rigorously controlled, maintaining a temperature range of 20-25°C (68-77°F) and reducing humidity below 50% to support bud development and prevent mold. Light cycles for autoflowers can be aggressive; providing 20 hours of light to 4 hours of darkness maximizes photosynthesis and may expedite flowering. Nutrition is crucial—transition to a bloom-specific nutrient solution rich in phosphorus and potassium at the first sign of flowering to bolster bud production. Calibrate feeding to avoid over-fertilization, which can cause nutrient burn and delay flowering. Pruning techniques such as “low stress training” (LST) can be employed early in vegetative growth to increase light exposure and air circulation, but avoid high-stress techniques like topping or fimming, as the plant’s fast life cycle does not allow sufficient recovery time. Maintain consistency in the care regimen without abrupt changes; gradual alterations in environmental conditions or nutrients are critical to prevent stress responses that could stall flowering. Lastly, ensure that the plant’s root zone is never oversaturated, as overwatering can lead to oxygen deprivation, root diseases, and ultimately, delayed flowering. By tailoring these strategies to the unique characteristics of the “AK-47 Autoflower” strain, cultivators can drive towards a swift and bountiful flowering phase.

Is AK-Automatico by Narcos Seeds Similar in Characteristics to Afghani #1 Feminized by Sensi Seeds?

Yes, the AK-Automatico by Narcos Seeds and Afghani #1 Feminized by Sensi Seeds share similar characteristics in their afghani feminized strain profile. Both strains are known for their strong, earthy flavors and potent, relaxing effects. They are also prized for their high resin production and adaptability to various growing conditions.

Learning About the Terpenes in AK-Automatico

Caryophyllene, a predominant terpene in “AK-47 Autoflower,” imparts a distinct spicy, peppery aroma that corresponds to its taste profile. Caryophyllene is unique among terpenes due to its ability to interact with cannabinoid receptors, particularly CB2, which may contribute to its potential anti-inflammatory effects, offering relief without psychoactive responses. This interaction suggests potential for therapeutic benefits, including easing of tension and mitigation of discomfort. Limonene, the second primary terpene, delivers a refreshing citrus scent reminiscent of lemons, which translates into a tangy and crisp flavor upon consumption. Beyond the sensory experience, limonene is associated with mood elevation and stress relief. Its interaction with serotonin and dopamine receptor sites may underlie its potential anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. The melding of these terpenes within “AK-47 Autoflower,” augmented by the contribution of numerous other minor terpenes and cannabinoids, creates an entourage effect—a synergistic interaction where the combined impact of the strain’s compounds is greater than the sum of its parts. This may enhance the overall therapeutic efficacy and modulate the psychoactive effects, possibly resulting in a balanced, harmonious experience, with a complex bouquet of flavors that leads to a multifaceted effect on the user, both in physique and psyche.