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LeafWorks’ Innovations Transform Cannabis Cultivation

“Exploring the forefront of cannabis genetics with LeafWorks, this piece delves into how DNA testing and genomics are revolutionizing the cannabis industry, from sex tests to pathogen detection.”

Landmark Cannabis Decriminalization in South Africa

South Africa sets a precedent by decriminalizing cannabis, leading Africa into a new era of legalization. This transformative legislation promotes economic growth, safeguards minors, and regulates adult use and cultivation.

Vape Factory Launch and Cannabis Seed Investment in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe embraces industrial innovation with a multi-billion dollar vape production factory and significant investments in cannabis seed production, marking a pivotal shift towards becoming a regional leader in the tobacco and vaping market as well as an emerging hub for cannabis cultivation.

Hemp Research in Belize: A New Chapter Begins

Discover how Belize’s Hemp Industry Oversight Committee is revitalizing research and development in the hemp sector, aiming to explore sustainable and innovative uses across industries.

NYC Tech Startups Secure Impressive Funding

Highlighting NYC’s bustling tech scene, this recap covers significant startup achievements, including groundbreaking work in biotech, insurtech, and logistics from May 26th to June 1st, 2024.

Milestone 200th Dispensary Opened by Trulieve in Florida

Trulieve celebrates the opening of its 200th dispensary in Brooksville, FL, marking a significant growth milestone. This new location showcases Trulieve’s commitment to accessibility, quality products, and community advocacy in the U.S. cannabis industry.

Crucial Week for Marijuana Legalization Talks in New Hampshire

This week, New Hampshire lawmakers face a challenging compromise on marijuana legalization. With stark differences between the House and Senate versions and Governor Sununu’s preferences adding complexity, the outcome could significantly impact the state’s approach to cannabis policy and set a precedent for the nation.

Opens Dialogue for CBD in Food Products

Japan is making significant strides in cannabis reform, opening public dialogue on CBD in food products and setting new THC limits for better health and hygiene. This evolution could revolutionize the CBD market and reshape legal and health landscapes.