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At Green Nexus, we are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality cannabis L. long photoperiod plant and cannabis L. short photoperiod plant seeds and only partner with globally recognized leading companies. One of these is Soma Seeds, also called Soma’s Sacred Seeds, and we wanted to provide you with a profile of this company, including their philosophies and mission, history, and most popular strains. 

About Soma Seeds 

Soma Seeds is a cannabis seed company based out of Amsterdam and founded by Soma with the mission of furthering eco-friendly growing techniques. To Soma and those who work at the company, cannabis is more than a recreational experience or a natural medicinal solution, it is a sacrament. Each strain was carefully bred to draw out specific phenotypes to help users experience divine energy, whether that was through improving sleep, letting go of worry and stress, tapping into creativity, connecting more deeply with friends, or achieving deeper, more spiritual intimacy. 

Soma’s Journey

The story of Soma’s Seeds begins in 1967 when Soma was 18 and working in New York at IBM. Here, he tried high potency hemp for the first time and immediately connected with the physical, mental, and spiritual calm that came over him. For the next few years, he continued to explore the effects of cannabis on his wellbeing, moving away from corporate culture and embracing the counter culture. 

By 1971, Soma owned a vegetarian restaurant and bakery in Southern Vermont, and as he became more connected to ecology and environment, he began growing cannabis. However, the cold climate of Southern Vermont made it hard to reach a harvest, so he headed south to Gainesville, Florida. Here, in the sun and warmth, Soma grew his first cannabis plants to harvest, and within just a few years ago, he grew over 200 kilos of an Afghani-Thai combination between short and long photoperiod plant. Throughout the 1980s, he began exploring organic gardening and eco-friendly, sustainable practices while also fine-tuning genetic combination between short and long photoperiod plants. 

In the mid-1990s, Soma and his family moved to Holland where he could freely grow cannabis and increase his genetic research, specifically focusing on breeding phenotypes that could provide medicinal benefits. With the founding of Soma Seeds, he was able to share his unique breeds on a global scale, winning awards and achieving acclaim for his medicinal strains. 

Soma Seeds Growing Techniques

Soma Seeds are focused on organic growing that strengthens, rather than depletes the planet. Soma and those at the company recommend using organic soil, fertilizers, and supplements as well as maintaining a mother garden to continually raise high-quality, thriving plants. 

They are so well-respected in their growing habits, they have published two books about how to grow cannabis, presenting tips and techniques in a straight forward way that will help any beginner become an experts.

Best-Selling Soma Seed Strains

Each of Soma Seeds were carefully bred to offer specific phenotypes, or traits, whether the user is seeking a more active, motivated experience through cannabis L. long photoperiod plant or the calming, body-mind high of cannabis L. short photoperiod plant. The sought-after phenotypes include: 

  • Finding the right balalnce of short photoperiod plant and long photoperiod plant
  • Potency content
  • Aroma profile
  • Flavonoids
  • Ease of growing
  • Consumable output
  • Terpene profile that supports wellness, including easing the symptoms of nausea, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

 Many of their strains are combination between short and long photoperiod plants, blending a long photoperiod plant with an short photoperiod plant to create a unique experience. The most common strains from Soma are: 

  • NYC Diesel: An award winning Long Photoperiod Plant blend that has a high Potency percent and a terpene  profile that offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties through myrcene and caryophyllene. 
  • Amnesia Haze: A Cannabis Cup and Long Photoperiod Plant Cup winner, this combination between short and long photoperiod plant offers an energizing experience while the terpene profile of limonene and myrcene creates an earthy and lemony aroma. 
  • Lavender OG: This is an short photoperiod plant combination between short and long photoperiod plant commonly used for its deep relaxing properties, while its terpene profile of linalool, myrcene, and pinene work together to ease the symptoms of inflammation, chronic pain, and stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Soma Seeds

Still have questions about Soma Seeds? We have answers to help you determine if this company’s seeds are right for you. 

Where Are Soma Seeds From?

Soma Seeds is based in Amsterdam, where Soma and his team have more creative freedom to research genetics and find the ideal cultivars for their goals. 

Is Soma Seeds a Real Place?

Yes, it is a legitimate seed company that is produces award-winning strains and has a loyal following around the world.  

What Is the Best Strain from Soma Seeds?

While it depends on your specific preferences, NYC Diesel is both incredibly popular and has won several awards, including the Cannabis Cup. 

What Strain from Soma Seeds is Easiest to Grow?

According to Soma, Lavender OG is perfect for new growers. It’s a large, hearty plant that is resistant to mold, pests, and other ailments, plus, it grows better in cool weather than many strains. 

:Do Soma Seeds offer feminized options for their strains?

Yes, Soma Seeds offers a variety of their strains in feminized options. Feminized seed benefits and tips include increased yield potential and elimination of the need to identify and remove male plants. Feminized seeds can help streamline the growing process and ensure a higher percentage of female plants.

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