Humidity Tray

A Humidity Tray in cannabis cultivation is a simple, yet essential tool designed to manage the microclimate surrounding the plant, specifically by increasing the humidity levels. This is particularly vital for indoor cannabis growers, as certain strains of cannabis require high humidity to thrive.

The tray, typically shallow and filled with water and pebbles or gravel, is placed directly beneath the plant’s container. As the water evaporates, it elevates the moisture levels in the air around the plant, simulating a more tropical environment which can be beneficial during the vegetative growth stage.

The Importance of Humidity for Cannabis Plants

The use of a Humidity Tray can significantly impact cannabis plants’ health and yield, as maintaining optimal humidity levels reduces the stress on plants and fosters a more robust growth. For cannabis, the ideal humidity level ranges from 40-60% depending on the growth stage.

During the vegetative phase, a higher humidity is often preferred, while during the flowering stage, lower humidity helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Humidity Trays are especially advantageous for growers in arid or dry climates, where indoor air can be excessively dry.

What Is the Difference Between a Humidity Tray and a Humidity Dome?

A humidity tray helps to increase the moisture level in the air, benefiting plants that require higher humidity levels. On the other hand, a humidity dome provides a more localized and controlled environment, offering specific humidity dome benefits for plants by creating a mini greenhouse effect.

Maintaining a Controlled Environment

To maximize the effectiveness of a Humidity Tray, it’s important for growers to monitor the humidity levels with a hygrometer, ensuring they stay within the desired range for their specific cannabis crop. The water level in the tray must also be checked regularly to maintain consistent humidity levels, preventing the risk of over-humidifying, which can lead to plant diseases.

Incorporating a Humidity Tray into the environmental control strategy allows growers to achieve a more precise and controlled cultivation environment, ultimately enhancing the quality and potency of the cannabis harvest.