Nutrient Burn

Nutrient burn in cannabis is a common stress response of the plant to excessive fertilization. This condition arises when the concentration of nutrients exceeds the plant’s absorption capacity, resulting in the toxic accumulation of minerals within the plant’s tissues.

Typically indicative among the signs of nutrient burn are the tips of the leaves turning yellow, progressing to a brown or burnt hue, and becoming crisp to the touch. This can occur due to an overabundance of any nutrient, but it is most often associated with an excess of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or other micronutrients that cannabis requires in optimal amounts for healthy growth.

Identifying Nutrient Burn

To identify nutrient burn in cannabis plants, growers should regularly inspect the foliage, paying close attention to the discoloration or ‘burning’ at the tips of the leaves. As the condition worsens, the affected leaves may exhibit a ‘claw-like’ curling, and the discoloration might advance inward from the leaf’s edge.

It is crucial to identify and address nutrient burn early to prevent further stress that can impede plant development and ultimately reduce yield. Adjusting feeding schedules and ensuring proper nutrient concentrations are fundamental to resolving and preventing the issue.

How Does Nutrient Excess Lead to Nutrient Burn in Plants?

When plants experience excessive nutrient intake, it can lead to nutrient burn. This occurs when the plant’s roots take in more nutrients than the plant can use, causing a chemical imbalance that damages the plant. Symptoms of nutrient burn include discolored or scorched leaves, stunted growth, and wilting.

Mitigating Nutrient Burn

Mitigating nutrient burn involves flushing the growing medium with pH-balanced water to remove the excess nutrients and halt further damage to the plant. This practice is especially relevant in hydroponic systems where the precise control of nutrient delivery is essential.

Soil growers may need to consider leaching their soil to resolve the problem. Being proactive about nutrient management, including adhering to the recommended dosages and frequency of feeding, is critical in nurturing healthy cannabis plants and avoiding the pitfalls of nutrient burn.