Outdoor Climate

Outdoor climate in the realm of cannabis biology and science broadly refers to the composite of weather conditions in an outdoor environment where cannabis plants are cultivated. Primarily influenced by temperature and humidity, outdoor climate encompasses an array of factors that directly impact cannabis growth, including sunlight, air quality, precipitation, wind patterns, and the day-to-night temperature fluctuations associated with specific geographic locations.


Temperature is a critical aspect of outdoor climate for cannabis cultivation. The plant thrives in environments where daytime temperatures remain between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 29 degrees Celsius) and where there is a slight drop in temperature at night.

This variation is paramount for proper plant development, as high temperatures can hinder growth and potentiate pest infestations, while temperatures that dip too low can stunt growth or even result in plant death.

How Does Photobiology Impact the Outdoor Climate?

The study of photobiology explores the impact of light on living organisms. In relation to outdoor climate, photobiology plays a significant role in regulating plant growth, photosynthesis, and the overall ecosystem. The amount and quality of light directly affect the temperature, biodiversity, and atmospheric conditions, thus influencing the outdoor climate.


Humidity, the measure of water vapor in the air, plays a vital role in the life cycle of outdoor cannabis plants. Ideal relative humidity levels typically range from 40-60% for mature plants, with higher humidity preferred during the seedling stage to facilitate healthy stem and leaf development.

As cannabis is highly susceptible to mold and mildew, regulating humidity in outdoor environments is crucial; it involves strategic planting to ensure proper air circulation and considering the timing of watering to coincide with periods of low humidity to reduce excess moisture accumulation.

Adapting cultivation techniques to the intricacies of the outdoor climate is key to optimising plant health and maximizing the quality and yield of the cannabis crop.