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Cheese Auto is known for its distinct flavors and sweet, pungent aroma of a ripening cheese.. Ready for harvesting in just 9 weeks, she is quick and easy to grow. An easy to cut plant.

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Strain Description

A heavy, highly potent, bite-sized terpene known worldwide for its distinct flavors and sweet, pungent aroma. We were able to retain the dense bud structure and overwhelming aroma of Cheese and increase the flowering time to 9 weeks. Her THC levels can soar up to 21%, making this hybrid potent, quick to grow, and highly desirable in terms of smell, taste, and effect. Highly recommended for the production of hashish, thanks to the excellent aromatic profile.The buds of Cheese Auto are large and dense, with a dark green hue and dark brown pistils surrounding them. Upon opening a dry bud, a pungent, dank, earthy, and fruity concoction will attack the nose, so due to her strong terpene profile, it’s best to take extra care in public with this strain. It will flower from a main cola with shorter side branches, filling each internode with thick, oily buds.It is very easy to grow and one of the most productive autoflowering strains we have ever created. An easy to cut plant that produces dense, even buds on every branch and a super sticky, resinous hybridThis is definitely a potent strain that will leave some in a narcotic, dreamlike state looking for the nearest chair to blend into.

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