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Cherry AK is a dream to grow. She produces a medium yield and flowers in no time. She boasts flavors of sweet cherries with spicy and pungent undertones. This hybrid is awesome for creative types.

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Strain Description

Kyle’s Cherry AK Feminized was born after years of studies to achieve a sativa dominant strain with aromas and flavors of cherry. With a THC that can reach 15 – 25%. It is a perfect strain that was created to be baked late at night, providing us with good creative doses that flow through your mind. But don’t be fooled, as its effects diminish, body relaxation increases, bringing us to a sweet and deep lethargy. It is also a good companion since it calms many physical pain and problems of stress, anxiety and insonia. Kyle’s Cherry AK is a strain that exudes sweet cherry aromas from the first days of flowering. It is a plant that can reach 1.80 meters in height. Indoors you can use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique or good vertical space. Maintain relative

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