Critical Auto



When growing, Critical Auto is best for growers with a good amount of space. She grows tall and bushy and resembles a Christmas tree. She likes mediterranean climates and grows best outside, but with proper training can succeed in an indoor growing environment. Her terpene flavor profile is that of lemony, citrus with pine and earthy tones.

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Strain Description

When growing, expect the plants to reach a height of 90-140cm, which means growers with limited space may have Affairs. Critical Auto grows with a short, compact internodal spacing that produces dense buds at each internode, making her a cultivar High yielding variety (450–600 g/m2) that may require plant support.Outside, this girl is amazing and especially in a Mediterranean climate where it grows with a Christmas tree growth structure filled with dense, frosty structure buds on each branch. Because of its size, training is especially important when space is limited.

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