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This is a plant that is aesthetically pleasing with her beautiful purple hues during vegetative growth stage. She is a wonderful choice for indoor and outdoor growing, producing a compact and stocky plant. She is a hearty plant requiring low feeding. She smells of pine-like scents, with earthy nutty hazelnut flavors that are very distinguished and special.

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Strain Description

The most mind-expanding strain on the market that’s beautifully purple.  Expect a variety of deep purple colors once the buds begin to form. A unique aroma that features a unique blend of terpenes resulting in nutty flavors, a truly special combination. The full sativa high produces an intense head high that hits you fast, ideal for those looking for heavy sativa trips. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of years of selective breeding. The best from both worlds. Expect a plant with an indica-like structure that offers strong sativa effects. One of FastBuds’ earliest creations, Crystal Meth is a psychedelic strain unique of its kind. This is an aesthetically pleasing production powerhouse that offers powerful and uplifting highs (which are almost unbelievable), ideal for listening to music or watching your favorite movies.  An easy-to-grow plant that grows between 70cm and 120cm and takes a while to grow despite her mostly sativa effect. Indica-like structure, compact and stocky habit. The development of several thick buds and a main flower on top. Things get really interesting around the 5th week when the plant starts to show its wide variety of rich purple colors. Crystal Meth is a hardy plant that requires a light diet and is well-suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Be careful to keep pH levels right and be careful with nitrogen as it can be a bit sensitive, especially during flowering, and she will not be afraid to show you when something is wrong.

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