The Deedee – Its flavor is intense, a strong mix of Diesel and lavender notes. Deedee grows vigorously which makes it ideal for indoor growing with proper training. The scent is reminiscent of Diesel and lavender with lime undertones.

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Strain Description

The  Deedee  cannabis strain from  French Touch Seeds  required several years of breeding in order to achieve a version of the  Sour Diesel Riri cut  worthy of the reputation of this famous and valued cut, which came from the French cannabis community. Everybody in Europe loves this Riri Cut of Sour Diesel !
The Riri cut is a wonderful plant which comes from Reservoir Seeds Sour Diesel IBL. Its flavour is very intense and characteristic, a strong mix of  Diesel and lavender notes. The effect is stimulating and uplifting, perfect for socializing. The Riri cut was tested by CannaResearch at the 2010 Spannabis (Barcelona), reaching  24,52% THC.
To offer this  exceptional cut  in regular seed form, French Touch Seeds used the cubing technique, performing a triple backcross to stabilize the Sour Diesel traits. The male used for this breeding project came from a  Bubba Kush  x Kikiriki cross.
Deedee, as could not be otherwise, grows vigorously and  stretches considerably  during the flowering period, which makes it ideal for the  SCROG technique. Flower development is explosive during the last weeks bloom, developing huge, popcorn calyxes.
The scent is reminiscent of  Diesel  and  lavender  with  lime  undertones, especially during the first weeks of drying. Some phenotypes may present Bubba Kush nuances and more round buds. The effect is  euphoric and active, at times hilarious.
Deedee from French Touch Seeds features:
Genetics: Sour Diesel Riri cut x (Bubba Kush x Kikiriki) BX3
Type: Regular seeds
75% Sativa – 25% Indica hybrid
Indoor flowering: 75-80 days
Outdoor harvest: October

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