Diesel Automatic


Diesel Auto is a well balanced hybrid that offers the popular taste and scent of New York City Diesel, but with the added benefit of genetics inherited from its Lowryder 2 parent. For those that enjoy the fuel-like flavors, this is the one for you.

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Strain Description

Diesel Automatic is an autoflowering cannabis strain that combines the popular New York City Diesel (NYCD) with the autoflowering genetics of Lowryder 2. It offers the well-known taste and aroma of NYCD while providing faster harvests due to its autoflowering nature. Compared to the original autoflowering strains, Diesel Automatic has improved yields and better flavor. It has a well-rounded genetic makeup, incorporating sativa, indica, and ruderalis genetics, making it easy to grow for both beginners and experienced cultivators. One of the main advantages of Diesel Automatic is its short growth cycle. It can be harvested in just 8 weeks, allowing for quicker turnaround times. It has the potential to produce 60 grams or more per plant in just 60 days. This strain is known for its resilience and adaptability. It can be grown in various environments, including small indoor spaces like tents or cupboards, as well as outdoor gardens. Indoors, Diesel Automatic typically reaches a height of 50-70 cm, but it can grow taller if given enough space or cultivated outdoors. It has the potential to yield up to 375 grams per square meter indoors and up to 110 grams per plant outdoors, under favorable conditions. The flavor of this strain is mainly characterized by a chemical, fuel-like diesel taste, although it is not as overpowering as some other diesel strains. Theres also a slight citrus and fruity aroma present in the buds, which adds to its flavor profile. If youre a fan of New York City Diesel but lack the time, space, or ability to grow it, Diesel Automatic is an excellent alternative. It retains the clean and clear high of NYCD while offering the advantages of an autoflowering strain.

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