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Dos Si Dos Auto™ is an extraordinary new super breed of autoflower dropping perfectly into Barney’s Farm’s ever growing Autoflowering Cali Collection. This jewel brings together the historical parental power of Face Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies now crossed with BF Super Auto 1. Lingering lime flavors will remind some of granny’s lemon meringue pie, fresh out the oven. Dive into a delicious dream of divine delight with the one and only Dos Si Dos Auto™

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Strain Description

The Dos Si Dos 33 strain by Barneys Farm is a part of their Cali Collection, which features a combination of terpenes derived from exceptional US cannabis phenotypes. This particular strain is the result of a complex breeding process. It started with OG Kush Breath, a potent Girl Scout Cookies phenotype crossed with Face Off OG. This hybrid was then crossed again with Cookies Kush, which is a hybrid of the OG Kush phenotype and Girl Scout Cookies. To enhance the genetic profile, Gelato 33 was introduced into the mix. Gelato 33 is a strain with parentage from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The resulting combination gave rise to Dos Si Dos 33, a strain that offers a sativa-dominant experience with a burst of euphoric energy followed by a tranquilizing and sedative effect. When cultivated indoors, Dos Si Dos 33 plants typically yield up to 700 grams of impressive flowers per square meter. They have a compact height of around 90cm. Outdoors, the plants can produce astonishing yields of up to 2 kilograms per plant and are usually ready for harvest by mid-October. Dos Si Dos 33 showcases a visually striking appearance with lime green and violet hues. It contains approximately 22-28% THC, making it a potent strain. This indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) offers a unique and delicious flavor profile. Its effects are known to induce relaxation, leaving users with a lasting sense of happiness. Overall, Dos Si Dos 33 is considered to provide an old-school stony high combined with a relaxed state.

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