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Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Regular is a versatile hybrid with some unique characteristics. It’s fruity, pineapple-like scent also adds to its appeal. This is a great choice for those that want to be creative, energetic, and happy.

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Strain Description

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Regular has a distinct flavor profile that combines spicy and sweet notes with a pineapple undertone. The scent is described as pineapple-tinged, spicy, and sweet, adding to the overall tropical and fruity aroma of the strain. As the buds mature and reach harvest time, the pineapple fragrance becomes more pronounced. In terms of effects, this strain offers a balanced combination of indica and sativa characteristics. It produces a calming and uplifting high, providing a sense of euphoria and mental alertness. The indica side contributes to a soothing body-stone effect, while the sativa side adds an uplifting and happy quality to the experience. Users often appreciate the unique blend of relaxation and mental stimulation that Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Regular offers. Overall, this strain is known for its large harvests and relatively rapid flowering time. When grown indoors, it tends to stay compact, reaching an average height of 80 to 160 cm. However, when cultivated outdoors, it has the potential to grow much taller, reaching heights of 250 to 300 cm. It responds well to techniques like lollipopping and supercropping, and it thrives best in Mediterranean climates with warmth and ample sunlight. Alternatively, it can be grown indoors in any location worldwide.

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