Green Houses Fullgas is a roboust powerhouse descended from Exodus Cheese and Sherbert OG. Powerful and pungent smells of cheese and a touch of diesel give this baby a flavor and aroma like no other. Expect higher yields and fast harvest times.

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Strain Description

Greenhouse Seed’s “Fullgas!” strain is a special tribute to Franco Loja, a beloved partner of the Green House Seeds family. Francos favorite strain was the Cheese, particularly the Exodus Cheese. This specific cut of Exodus Cheese was selected with Dust while Franco was living in Barcelona around 2015, making it hold sentimental value for the Green House Seeds family. To enhance the already complex taste of Exodus Cheese and add the gassy notes it may have lacked, Green House Seeds decided to cross it with Sunset Sherbert x Diagonal OG by Cannarado Genetics. They selected a phenotype that combined the perfect bud shape and smell of Diagonal OG with the creaminess and sweetness of Sunset Sherbert. This resulted in a stunning hybrid that captures the powerful and pungent smell of Exodus Cheese while also showcasing the plant structure and vigor of Sherbert OG. Fullgas! is a strong hybrid strain with a genetic composition of 60% sativa and 40% indica. It boasts a THC content of 28.05%. When smoking Fullgas!, youll experience a beautiful and flavorful journey where the sweetness of the cheese hits first, followed by woody notes from the OG. A touch of gas taste emerges, enhancing the overall experience. The plant itself exhibits strong branching, allowing it to support heavy weights inherited from Sherbert OG. It has a clean structure, and compact, resin-covered buds form along the stem. When grown indoors, Fullgas! can yield up to 600g/m2, with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Outdoor cultivation can result in yields of up to 800g per plant, with an average height of 160-170cm. It is typically ready for harvest around the third week of September in the Northern hemisphere. In terms of effects, Fullgas! delivers a strong and fast-hitting experience. It combines the uplifting high of Exodus Cheese with the potent relaxation effects from Sherbert OG, making it an excellent strain for unwinding and relaxation.

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