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Gelato – This baby tastes like ice cream! The special ice cream flavor with sweet and spicy nuances makes her more delicious Award winning,Gelato has become a popular choice for growers. Ready in just 9 weeks!

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Strain Description

Our strongest variety yet boasting 26% THC lab reports and assorted flavors of ice cream.  She is insanely powerful and tasty too with its unique terpene profile.  The special ice cream flavor with sweet and spicy nuances makes the extractions more delicious.  This strain produces a robust indica-like structure, making it perfect for growing anywhere.  Again she is extremely strong! Thanks to the high THC content, it is highly recommended for those trying to overcome a mental block or just for fun let your creativity run wild.  Our Gelato was among the top 3 extractions in the 2020 edition of Spannabis.  Gelato has become a flagship for quality flavor since its launch in California, and our Gelato Auto is no different. A stable, well-structured plant with pronounced ice cream flavors, making her an excellent choice for extractions. And boasting lab reports With up to 26% THC, Gelato is without a doubt the most potent strain we’ve ever created.

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