Girl Scout Cookies Auto



If you are a cookie lover, you will adore this plant. She exudes sweet flavors with earthy touches. Not the quickest to produce, but worth the wait. Can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

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Strain Description

The Girl Scout Cookies Auto of BLIMBURN SEEDS is a 60% Indica and will only ask for some extra time to reach its cooking point, and that in return it will give you delicious, sweet flavors with earthy touches. The effect of the Girl Scout Cookies Auto is intense both in the body and in the mind becoming an ideal variety to share with friends, as it becomes social, cheerful and stimulates your creativity at unthinkable levels, if you smoke them properly. The Girl Scout Cookies Auto will not leave indifferent any grower who loves crunchy cookies and bathed in a delicious honey of trichomes and resin, ideal for extractions like rosin.

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