Green Magic


Green Magic is a prime example of how all good things start with good genetics. She is the enchanting offspring of Amsterdam legend White Choco. Her other parent is Green Manalishi, bringing some serious G13 oomph to the mix. The taste of Green Magic cannabis would make a fine entry on a star restaurant’s desserts menu. Laced with tons of chocolate derived from mother White Choco, uplifting hints of spice and mint enter the melange. Then it is topped off with a pleasantly herbal aftertaste.

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Strain Description

Green Magic cannabis seeds offer an enchanting and powerful experience for connoisseurs. This strain is known for its sedative and narcotic effects, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from chronic pain, migraines, and sleeplessness. It is also reported to reduce stress and tension. Green Magic is a hybrid strain, with genetics that include the legendary White Choco and Green Manalishi, which brings G13 characteristics to the mix. It is indica-dominant, with an average THC content of 19% and a touch of CBD. The strain provides a headbuzz that is tingly and giggly, followed by a heavy body stone that can lead to couch lock and sleepiness. The effects are long-lasting, making it difficult to plan activities when consuming this strain. In terms of flavor and aroma, Green Magic offers a delightful experience reminiscent of a star restaurants desserts menu. It has chocolate undertones from its parent strain White Choco, along with uplifting hints of spicy Caryophyllene and mint. The Myrcene terpenes add an herbal aftertaste and contribute to the strains potential for pain relief and sedation. Medicinally, Green Magic is highly appreciated as a bedtime strain for individuals dealing with insomnia. The strains mixed indica and sativa influences allow it to provide relief for both body aches and cranial pain symptoms. When it comes to cultivation, Green Magic cannabis flowers are characterized by compact and elongated buds with a forest green hue. They are covered in silvery trichomes and long pistil hairs. The strain combines the positive aspects of sativa and indica strains, requiring a slightly longer vegetative phase for sativa influences to develop. The flowering stage is relatively short, making it suitable for outdoor grows in northern climates. The yield can be ample if the buds are carefully dried and trimmed, ensuring they retain their potent narcotic effects.

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