Guillotine Auto was created to bring compact, fast and flavourful plants. She grows compact and bushy, perfect for balconies or terraces. She is also ready to harvest after 65 days from seedling. Flavors are that of earthy and diesel.

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Strain Description

French Touch Seeds present here the  Guillotine Auto, an AutoFem strain created to bring compact, fast and flavourful plants.
This  automatic cannabis strain  comes from an excellent selection of  NYCD, highly valued by the breeders of the seed bank.
After performing several crosses, they decided to cross it with a  Ruderalis plant  which provided just what they were looking for.
Thus, Guillotine Auto grows  compact  and bushy, perfect for balconies or terraces – also for guerrilla growing – and being ready to harvest after  65 days  from seedling.
The scent is  discreet, which helps it to go unnoticed, but with the typical flavour of the NYCD. The effect is  calming, perfect to rest and relax after a long day. It has considerable  CBD  levels.
Guillotine Auto from French Touch Seeds features:
Genetics: Lowryder (NYCD x Ruderalis)
Type: Autoflowering feminized seeds
Flowering: 65 days from seedling
Yield: Average-high

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