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Crossing Lavender and Somas True OG, Kush Lavender OG was born! A cup award winner, she has a unique flavor and aroma of heavy lavender. Easy to grow both indoor and outdoors with an impressive yield.

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Strain Description

Lavender OG is a unique strain that combines the genetics of Lavender (formerly known as Soma Skunk nr 10) and a reversed female True OG Kush plant. Soma, the breeder, initially developed Lavender through various breeding experiments in the late nineties. The strain gained popularity due to its distinctive black and purple leaves. In 2005, Lavender won first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and has since been recognized with multiple awards, including the Spannabis 2017 prize. The strain has a genetic composition of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, providing a balanced and potent experience. The story behind Lavender x Somas cut True OG Kush holds sentimental value for Soma, as it was developed by a late friend named Joe who was passionate about growing Lavender. Joe reversed a female True OG Kush plant and created this new cross, which Soma finds particularly special. Growing this strain is relatively straightforward, and supercropping the main top can encourage quick growth of side tops. Lavender x Somas cut True OG Kush offers a distinct flavor profile that combines the terpene-rich lavender notes of Lavender with the OG flavor of True OG Kush. It also produces a high-quality hash with a unique taste. The strain has achieved recognition at cannabis competitions, such as the Clouds in the City Cup in Amsterdam, where it won third prize for best indica. Additionally, it earned second place for best water hash during the same event.

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