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Mango Haze combines Nevilles Haze, Mango and Laos. She is a cup winner with many other alcolades making her sought after. A flavor bomb of tropical fruits, citrus, spice, and earthiness.

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Strain Description

Mango Haze is known for its unique combination of genetics and its appealing flavor profile. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that blends Nevilles Haze, Mango, and Laos strains. Mango Haze has a relatively high THC level of 23%. She has gained recognition and acclaim, including cup wins and other accolades, which have contributed to her desirability among cannabis enthusiasts. In terms of taste and aroma, Mango Haze offers a delightful explosion of tropical fruits, citrus notes, spicy undertones, and earthy elements. This diverse combination of flavors creates a distinctive and enjoyable smoking or vaping experience for those who appreciate fruity and spicy profiles. Indoor Grow Yield: When grown indoors, the strain can yield approximately 800 grams per square meter. This is a measure of the expected harvest weight per unit area. Outdoor Grow Yield: When grown outdoors, the strain can yield approximately 1000 grams per plant. This refers to the expected harvest weight per individual plant. Grow Time to Flower: The strain has a relatively long flowering period of 12-13 weeks. This is the time it takes for the plants to transition from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering phase, during which buds develop and mature.

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