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No matter where you live in the world, you’ll have a view of the Orion constellation that occupies the celestial equator. Orion F1 will take your star-gazing experiences to a whole new level. She will leave you impressed. This variety boasts hybrid vigor that makes her more resistant to disease and more productive. Expect deliciously sweet flavors.

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Strain Description

Orion F1 is an impressive auto-flowering cannabis cultivar that offers a range of desirable traits for growers. It is known for its hybrid vigor, which means it has increased resistance to diseases, higher productivity, and potent effects. With an average height of 70cm, this compact plant can deliver significant yields even in small spaces. After the buds are dried and cured, you can expect a pleasantly stoning high and deliciously sweet flavors from Orion F1. The terpene profile of this cultivar is unique and rarely found elsewhere, providing a blend of freshness and sweetness. It contains high levels of Myrcene, ocimene, and farnesene, which contribute to its distinctive flavor profile. In terms of effects, Orion F1 induces euphoria and relaxation. It has high levels of THC and small concentrations of CBG, which work in synergy with its terpenes to produce a stoning body high. Orion F1 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and displays an indica morphology. Its compact size, ranging from 64 to 80 cm, makes it an excellent choice for limited spaces or stealthy outdoor grows. The flowering period is relatively short, lasting about 40 days, with a total growing time of approximately 70 days. Overall, Orion F1 is a revolutionary cultivar in the cannabis industry, offering excellent yields, a unique terpene profile, and potent effects. Whether you are a seasoned grower or a cannabis enthusiast, this cultivar is worthy of consideration for your grow room or garden.

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