Royal Cookies



Royal Cookies is a royal treat. She is the result of breeding two exemplary Forum Cookies S1 specimens, resulting in powerful and flavorful attributes including vanilla, fruits, and pine.

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Strain Description

Royal Cookies is a highly regarded cannabis strain known for its exceptional qualities and potent effects. It is a result of an extensive breeding program involving some of Californias best cookie strains. By combining two exemplary Forum Cookies S1 specimens, Royal Cookies was created to offer a truly top-shelf experience. This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although it thrives best in warm climates when grown outdoors. Its genetic makeup leans heavily towards indica dominance, resulting in a compact stature ranging from 80-110cm indoors and 140-180cm outdoors. Despite its short height, Royal Cookies is capable of producing generous yields of 450-525g/m² after a relatively short flowering period of 8-9 weeks indoors. When grown outdoors, it typically finishes its flowering phase around mid-October and yields about 450-500g per plant. The aroma and flavor profile of Royal Cookies are true to its name, blending sweet and earthy tones that create a pungent and enticing taste. However, the appeal of this strain extends beyond its flavor. Its high THC content of around 23% delivers a potent and well-rounded high. Royal Cookies can uplift the mind, inducing euphoria, while simultaneously providing deep relaxation for the body. If you are seeking bountiful harvests of flavorful and potent buds that embody the essence of California cannabis, Royal Cookies is an excellent choice.

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