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Royal Gorilla Auto is next level auto cultivation. She delivers tastes of lemon, chemical, and pine.

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Strain Description

Royal Gorilla Automatic is an auto-flowering cannabis strain that has gained significant popularity due to its exceptional qualities. It is a hybrid strain created by blending the potent and decadent original strains Royal Gorilla and Royal Cookies with ruderalis genetics. This combination has resulted in a game-changing auto-flowering strain that delivers high THC levels and a fast-growing, sticky plant. Indoor cultivation of Royal Gorilla Automatic typically results in plants reaching heights between 60-120cm. This larger size allows for increased bud production, and under optimal conditions, you can expect yields of up to 400 g/m². The strain develops long-running colas and robust side branches, making it suitable for the Sea of Green (SOG) method. The flowering period lasts approximately 10-12 weeks from germination, after which you can harvest frosty, Diesel, and Kush-scented buds. In outdoor settings with warmer climates, Royal Gorilla Automatic can grow as tall as 140cm and become a highly productive bush. You can expect yields of 120-170 g/plant, and the strains ability to flower independently of photoperiod offers the potential for multiple harvests from spring to autumn. It thrives with large containers, good sunlight, well-draining soil, and minimal nutrient requirements. Royal Gorilla Automatic is known for its potency, boasting THC levels of around 20% and minimal CBD content. It combines the effects of indica, sativa, and ruderalis genetics, resulting in a combined head-body experience. Initially, it provides a euphoric and cerebral buzz, which later transitions into a happy couch-lock sensation. With its gooey texture and Diesel flavor profile, Royal Gorilla Automatic is not just a rival to photoperiod strains but sets a new standard for rapid-flowering excellence.

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