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Royal Runtz is a hybrid that is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez. Upon sampling, her fruity flavor blast and aromas will captivate you.

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Strain Description

Royal Runtz Automatic is a cannabis strain developed by Royal Queen Seeds by crossing the photoperiod Royal Runtz with a ruderalis specimen. This crossbreeding resulted in a strain with a rapid lifecycle and delightful flavors. The addition of autoflowering genes allows for a quicker turnaround and a stealthier growing cycle. In terms of effects and flavors, Royal Runtz Automatic may not reach the same THC levels as the original strain, but it still boasts a respectable 19% THC content. This level of THC delivers a potent and uplifting experience, providing an energizing effect on both the body and mind. The flavors of candy and fruit make each toke a delightful treat. When it comes to cultivation, Royal Runtz Automatic is known for its ability to provide good yields in a short amount of time. Indoors, the plant typically reaches a height of 70–100 cm and yields around 350–450g/m². With some training techniques, it can be grown in small cupboards or closets with relative ease. Outdoors, the plants can grow slightly taller, reaching heights of 120 cm, and yield approximately 70–100g per plant. The entire growth cycle, from seed to harvest, takes around 10–11 weeks. Overall, Royal Runtz Automatic is considered an impressive all-rounder strain by many cultivators. Its ability to produce satisfying harvests, offer pleasant effects, and deliver fantastic flavors makes it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

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