Sativa Des Rois


This plant has compact structure and slender branches which take around 65 days to mature.
The flavor and essence is that of pungent skunk notes with sweet citrusy undertones.

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Strain Description

French Touch Seeds  present the Original Sativa des Rois, a selection of the  AK47 variety  that gathers the best Sativa traits of this marijuana variety.
This strain has been developed after a  hard work of selection and stabilisation, bringing Sativa plants with compact structure and slender branches which take around  65 days  to ripe.
In this way, and mainly thanks to its  vigorous growth, we’ll get excellent harvests of hairy, spongy buds, packed with THC.
Sativa des Rois needs  proper air circulation  inside the grow room to avoid humidity peaks. Thanks to its growth pattern it is perfect as  mother plant, since it develops plenty of shoots that can be used as cuttings.
Sativa des Rois  has  high THC  content and  relaxing  and sedating effect, suitable for several  therapeutical treatments, to combat stress and relieve pains.
The smell is old school, with  Skunk notes  with the typical  sweet  flavour of the AK47.
Sativa des Rois from French Touch Seeds features:
Genetics: AK47
Type: Feminised seeds
75% Sativa – 25% Indica hybrid
Indoor flowering: 65 days
Outdoor harvest: early September
Yidls: Average-high

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