Getting Shiskaberry to this stage has been a complex work in progress for years. Barney’s Farm is delighted to introduce this unique and wonderful variety to our catalog. Shiskaberry is a unique experience. Her pungent earthy, spicy notes leave a memorable, delicious aftertaste. Her beautiful berry scent will submerse you in a deeper dimension of delight and insight. Experience Shiskaberry today!

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Strain Description

The Shiskaberry strain by Barneys Farm is a highly anticipated and meticulously developed strain that offers a unique and wonderful experience for cannabis enthusiasts. This strain is classified as a 100% Indica, which means it is likely to provide deep relaxation and a sedative effect. Shiskaberry boasts a distinctive flavor profile that combines pungent earthy and spicy notes, leaving behind a memorable and delicious aftertaste. Additionally, its aroma is characterized by a beautiful berry scent that immerses you in a deeper dimension of delight and insight. When grown indoors, the flowering period of the Shiskaberry strain typically lasts around 8-9 weeks, which is relatively fast. This strain has the potential for a large yield, making it appealing to cultivators. Outdoors, Shiskaberry plants can reach a height of up to 1.2 meters and, with proper care and stretched preflowering, can produce up to 2 kilograms of high-quality flowers.This strain thrives best in dry climates. Overall, the Shiskaberry strain offers a well-rounded experience. Its effects may begin by loosening your tongue, leading to a sense of happiness, and finally providing a full-body relaxing sensation akin to a massage. With its unique flavor, aroma, and potential for generous yields, Shiskaberry has become a valued addition to Barneys Farms catalog.

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