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This is a very tall plant when it is full grown. Best grown outdoors, but can also be grown indoors too using LST. She is not hard to grow. She has a rich smell of woody pine and taste.

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Strain Description

Six Shooter is one of our tallest strains, growing up to 1.4m tall. Its robust genetics and high production make it one a great choice for outdoor growers and anyone looking to do some LST. Produces large, frost-covered buds. These buds are made up of dark orange pistils mixed with dense layers of crystals growing beneath the right light, to give it beautiful bluish tones. One of the tallest Fast Buds plants, she grows up to 1.4m tall and can reach a height of 1m. Good internodal spacing and high main cola production make her a great producer. Despite being a large plant, it is not difficult to grow. More experienced growers can easily get away with some LST, and it is recommended for anyone growing indoors. Outdoor growers will want to plant her in large containers and give her plenty of sun so that it can develop its full growth potential. A smoke rich in woody pine scents, leaving a strong but not unpleasant floral pine taste on the lips. Six Shooter produces an uplifting, heady high, ideal for social gatherings or creative pursuits, that slowly fades into a gentler yet present relaxation. Soothes the muscles and inspires the mind.

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