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The original skunk hybrids fused traditional landraces from Central and South America, Afghanistan and Thailand. Through several generations of intensive selection and countless backcrossing, our genetics experts successfully managed to stabilize the very best examples of skunk. The result: Skunk 1. In terms of taste, earthy and sweet notes are perceptible. Anyone who has ever tried skunk will know what to expect.

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Strain Description

Skunk 1 is indeed a legendary hybrid that has been popular among cannabis enthusiasts for its unique characteristics. It is a result of combining landrace strains from Central and South America, Afghanistan, and Thailand. It has a genetic composition of approximately 35% sativa and 65% indica. Skunk 1 Regular exhibits traits of both indica and sativa plants. While it has a sativa influence, its growth and flowering characteristics lean more towards indica. The plants do not grow very tall during the flowering stage, resembling typical indica strains. The leaves start as fresh lime green and darken to a deep dark green as the plant matures. It has a relatively short flowering period of around 45 to 50 days, this shorter flowering time is a desirable trait for growers. Skunk 1 Regular thrives in moderate climates with long summers when grown outdoors. It can also be cultivated indoors under artificial lighting. The seeds produce robust plants, making them suitable for advanced cultivation techniques such as Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Lollipopping, and Supercropping. It offers a combination of potent effects. The sativa genetics contribute to a creative, long-lasting high, while the indica genetics induce a relaxed stone. The taste of Skunk 1 is described as having earthy and sweet notes, which are typical for skunk strains.

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