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A very fast growing plant that is ready in only 8 weeks. A very hardy and resilient plant that is easy to grow thanks to her genetics. Ideal for short summers and colder climates. The flavors are that of caramel with earthy and floral touches.

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Strain Description

The sweetest variety in our Original line and one of our fastest to harvest. A very easy to grow variety that reaches up to 20% THC. A hardy and resilient auto-flower that handles the elements with ease. Thanks to its Skunk heritage, it is ideal for growers experiencing short summers and colder climates. This mostly Indica hybrid only needs 8 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, making it the number one choice for growers looking for a super fast plant which makes it good for buds with pink and purple hues, with truly fascinating flowers. The effects are quick and long lasting as this girl keeps you constantly aroused with a sense of calm, making it easy to talk and instantly puts you in a fun and lighthearted mood. Strongly recommended for relaxing with friends, socializing or staying awake and upbeat throughout the day. The flavor of this strain is special, reminding you of caramel with earthy and floral touches. can be described as Candy store with the old school funk of the skunk.

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