Skywalker OG By Kyle Kushman’s



This is an easy to grow and care for plant that is well suited for beginners. Highly recommended and does well indoors as well as outdoors with the proper care. The citrus aromas are intoxicating and vibrant. Her flavors are that of lemony citrus with hints of diesel and pine.

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Strain Description

Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized is an Indica trend strain. Lineage of the very powerful Skywalker and one of the greatest strains of all time, the legendary OG Kush. Enjoy a unique experience when you Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized. Master growers, marijuana activists and producers of cannabis grown in the sun have recommended this strain to us. One of the most sought after strains, Kyle’s Skywalker OG is one of the most powerful strains in the entire galaxy. This plant can reach 1.50 meters in height. This strain is easy to grow by anyone who is just getting started in the art of cultivation. This plant produces a harvest above the average quality. Its flower gives off citrus aromas wrapped in a combustible fragrance. This great ally ideal for baking late at night will take you to a state of relaxation in which you will think that you are floating in space for a couple of hours. The impact instantly clears the mind of negative thoughts and will quickly locks your body to the couch.

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