Sour Diesel Auto



This plant is great for gas and fuel lovers. She is a hardy, and easy-to-grow plant that is great for all skill level growers. She is quick to produce, only taking 9-10 weeks from seed. Her flavor profile is that of fuel, citrus, sandalwood, and pine.

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Strain Description

An autoflowering West Coast legend for gas and fuel lovers. A hardy, easy-to-grow strain that growers of all skill levels will appreciate. High THC content that reaches 21%. the world famous fuel, citrus, sandalwood, and pine flavors that accompany this sativa-dominant vintage hybrid. Despite its sativa influence,the flowering period takes only 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making it ideal for growers wanting a classic, mind-blowing, spicy and acidic terpenes in a short amount of time. She can grow up to 120cm tall and produces typical long stacked buds..Her effect is energetic and clear-headed, building to a dreamy, focused high over time. An excellent choice for commercial growers and hash producers and extractors.

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