Strawberry Gorilla Auto



Thanks to exceptional genetic selection, Strawberry Gorilla Auto is a spectacular plant with a high production level. Ready to pick in 70 days. With an easy growing style, she is easy to care for, and will grow well. Not really for beginner growers, but more experienced growers who know how to handle the exceptional growth of this beauty. She tastes of spicy berries and diesel.

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Strain Description

Our exceptional genetic selection produces the wonderful Strawberry Gorilla Auto, a spectacular hybrid known to produce yields of up to 600gr/m2 in 70 days. This variety is very easy to care for, but will grow up to 150 cm and is therefore recommended For more experienced growers, a huge plant can be too overwhelming for novice growers. This overall balanced hybrid strain boasts an outstanding 27% THC produces a terpene-rich high of spicy berries and diesel that amplifies your taste It flares up and soothes muscle pain while leaving you with a big smile on your face, the perfect choice for those looking for a day and night autoflower.

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