Sweet Island By Kyle Kushman’s



A sweet and fruity plant that produces high quality crops. Hailed from superb lineage, it is a majestic plant that is easy to grow and can reach 6 feet tall. Her flavors are grape, pungent, and sweet. She grows well both indoors and outdoors, but make sure you have the height for indoor growing.

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Strain Description

From Blimburn Seeds we present you one of the favorite strains of the master Kyle Kushman. A sweet and fruity hybrid with a high Sativa content that produces high quality crops. Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized is a high quality sativa dominance strain ideal for early morning baking. The crossing of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk # 1 makes it a majestic plant that is easy to grow and can reach 6 feet tall with flowers that look like giant cones when ripe. The euphoric stimuli that are transformed into body energy. They start from the head offering a mental relaxation accompanied by good creative doses. Leaving behind anxieties, depressions, and problems with eating disorders.

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