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This plant grows quite tall and is compact and bushy. She is low maintenance and popular due to her fast growing period. This plant offers a unique and complex blend of sweet lemon and pine notes and distinct peppery and spicy undertones.

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Strain Description

Trainwreck Auto buds grow quite thick, with lots of bright yellow-orange hairs wrapping around the medium height calyxes, beautifully complementing the light green buds. Expect extremely dense buds that grow stacked and end up looking like like a gigantic bud in each branch. Growing from the taller side, this autoflower can reach up to 120cm while growing quite compact and bushy, you’ll see plenty of dark green fan leaves that protrude all around and a pair of side branches that can reach the height of the main cola. Thanks to its Sativa heritage, this strain produces as much as it grows; Expect yields ranging from 350 to 500 gr/m2, making her ideal choice for all types of growers looking for a low maintenance, fast flowering version of the classic. After a few puffs, you will experience a very welcoming and uplifting cerebral high that will put you in a comfortable state of mind and make you feel good around everything and everyone; The long lasting uplifting effect promotes a very calm and centered state of mind with a relaxed side to begin with. The uplifting high will gradually transition into a more Indica high that will deeply relax muscles and relieve pain without leaving you too sedated, an ideal choice for those who want to stay awake in the morning and need to unwind at the end of the day. working day. . This strain offers a unique and complex blend of sweet lemon and pine notes on the inhale and distinct peppery and spicy undertones on the exhale. A truly potent, show-stealing terpene profile that will sweeten the smoke and coat your mouth in delicious bittersweet acidity for what feels like forever.

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