Strain Profile: Dream Queen By Steve DeAngelo’s by Blimburn

Discover the esteemed “Dream Queen” cannabis strain, a sativa-dominant marvel offering high THC levels and a rich flavor profile. Bred under cannabis pioneer Steve DeAngelo, this strain boasts a 90% sativa lineage, renowned for its cerebral and euphoric effects. Achieve superior yields and a sensory experience revered by connoisseurs and advanced cultivators alike. Explore “Dream Queen’s” notable horticultural legacy and impact on the industry.

Strain Profile: Dream Queen By Steve Deangelo’S by Blimburn Seeds

Explore the enigmatic Dream Queen by Steve DeAngelo’s, a superior Sativa-dominant blend from Blimburn Seeds, boasting a high THC level and a 70:30 Sativa-to-Indica ratio that empowers energy and creativity. Delve into its mysterious lineage, its fine-tuned balance of flavor and potency, and its role in advancing cannabis cultivation.