Feral Cannabis Sativa Habitats in the Midwest: Ecological Niche Models

This blog examines the use of ecological niche models to map out the habitat and abiotic preferences of feral Cannabis sativa in the Midwest, highlighting areas at risk and the importance of conservation efforts for these populations amidst climate change.

Mastering Marijuana Seed Sprouting

Discover effective strategies for germinating marijuana seeds, including ideal conditions and methods such as the paper towel, soil, and water techniques to ensure a healthy cannabis plant start.

California’s Bill and Pediatric CBD Cost Surge

Explore the critical balance between regulating CBD and ensuring access for pediatric patients. Discover the implications of California’s AB 2223 on families, healthcare providers, and the need for nuanced cannabis legislation.

Vote on Psychedelic Legalization in Massachusetts November Ballot

Massachusetts is poised for a pivotal moment as voters will decide on legalizing psychedelics in November. Backed by a strong grassroots campaign, the initiative highlights the potential benefits for mental health, especially among veterans. Despite legislative caution, the proposed framework seeks a regulated and safe use of psychedelics, leading to a significant debate on drug policy reform.

THC-Infused Sugar Collaboration with Old Pal

Andrew Rea collaborates with Old Pal to launch a revolutionary THC-infused sugar, highlighting the fusion of culinary arts and cannabis culture. This innovation paves the way for sophisticated cannabis cuisine, expanding possibilities for chefs and home cooks alike.

CBG Exports to Singapore Mark Avicanna’s Asian Market Entry

Avicanna pioneers CBG export to Singapore, marking a significant step into the Asian market and showcasing the potential of lesser-known cannabinoids. This move reflects the growing diversification and recognition of cannabis products globally, highlighting the importance of navigating complex international regulations for industry stakeholders.