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Banana Punch is yet another breeding masterclass from the Barney’s Farm lab and the next delicious addition to the prestigious ‘exceptional flowers collection’, combining two of the most sought-after genetics: Banana OG and Purple Punch! Banana Punch has a citrus tropical fruit flavor backbone perfect for allowing the Banana OGs exquisite essences of ripe sweet banana to shine through. The breath-taking colors and aromatic traits of the OG Kush descendant Purple Punch were not lost during the breeding process. As Banana Punch evolves, beautiful deep purples and oranges emerge in contrast to the dark vibrant shades of green.

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Strain Description

Banana Punch is a carefully bred hybrid created by Barneys Farm. It combines the genetics of Banana OG and Purple Punch to produce exceptional flowers with a unique flavor profile and desirable growing characteristics. This strain is indica-dominant, with a tranquilizing effect that can promote relaxation and calmness. It has been selected for its ability to provide higher yields and a shorter flowering period, which lasts approximately 60-65 days. She is a strong and sturdy plant that can adapt well to various growing techniques. When grown indoors, it reaches a manageable height within a few weeks. Outdoors, it thrives and matures towards the end of September, providing a special and visually appealing experience. As the plant enters the flowering stage, it exhibits beautiful deep purples and oranges alongside the dark shades of green. The branches develop rapidly, and the olive-shaped clusters become densely covered with bright amber pistils and a sticky resinous trichome coating. Banana Punch Strain is rich in Limonene, which is the most abundant terpene. It is followed by Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, contributing to the strains aroma and potential effects. These terpenes contribute to its citrus and tropical fruit flavor, complementing the sweet and ripe banana essences inherited from Banana OG.

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