Dream Queen By Steve DeAngelo’s



Dream Queen shares an illustrious lineage of Green Crack, Skunk #1, and Mazar Star. She is fast to harvest and produces exceptional yields. You will be amazed by her delcious flavors of pine and aromas of earthiness, and sweet tangerines.

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Strain Description

Steve’s Dream Queen Feminized is a sativa dominant strain which has had a great social impact since its commercialization under the name Green Crack. This new name given by Steve DeAngelo reflects a high quality strain, which we can bake in the early hours of the morning giving us stimuli full of energy that quickly transform into doses of creativity and focus. From Blimburn Seeds we bring you this wonderful strain that has a THC of 25%. Its CBD values that reach 3-7% provide a wide range of therapeutic purposes, in addition to helping in problems against stress, anxiety and depression. Steve’s Dream Queen from its first days of flowering gives off tropical aromas of mango and papaya. Accompanied by a spicy flavor. A really easy plant to grow During the vegetative phase, the relative humidity level should be between 45 and 55% and the daytime temperature should be between 69 and 77 ° F. Then, adjust to 35 to 45%

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