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Combining genetics from lines descending from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia, and Black Domina, this variety boasts uniform grow traits and delicious aromas. Like all RQS F1 seeds, you will find unrivaled stability, resulting in a plant crop that consistently produces unwavering quality. Epsilon F1 features flavors that combine hints of fresh herbs and citrus with full-bodied earthy notes and touches of blueberries and lavender.

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Strain Description

Epsilon F1 is a unique cannabis cultivar that combines genetics from renowned strains such as Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia Lemon Haze, and Black Domina. It is part of a world-first catalog of F1 cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, known for their stability and consistent quality. Epsilon F1 stands out as the fastest autoflowering strain in the F1 lineup, making it an ideal choice for growers seeking a quick harvest. One of the notable features of Epsilon F1 is its delightful aroma, which combines fresh herb and citrus notes with earthy undertones, hints of blueberries, and a touch of lavender. The terpene profile is dominated by Myrcene, farnesene, ocimene, and Limonene. These terpenes not only contribute to the strains pleasant scent but also influence its effects. Epsilon F1 offers a mid-strength experience with solid THC levels. It provides a physically relaxing effect, primarily from Myrcene, linalool, and farnesene, while also offering an uplifting and motivating kick from Limonene. In terms of growth, Epsilon F1 displays excellent vigor and resilience. The plants are generally small and compact, with a similar height and structure, characterized by short stature and few side branches. This uniformity makes Epsilon F1 an appealing choice for growers aiming for a consistent crop. Additionally, during the bloom phase, the developing buds emit minimal aromas, making it suitable for stealthy cultivation. With a rapid flowering time of just 30 days (60 days from germination to harvest), Epsilon F1 ensures a swift cultivation cycle. Overall, Epsilon F1 offers a unique combination of genetic traits, aromatic profiles, and desirable effects. Its fast autoflowering nature, stability, and uniformity make it an attractive option for growers seeking a reliable and efficient cannabis strain.

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