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Gelato 45: Be prepared for a dazzling display of exotic, rich aromas and enchanting colors. A perfect example and execution of selective breeding from the Barney’s Farm lab, she is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato 45 has an extraordinary flavor and contrasting aroma profile with subtle hints of earthy pines, flowers and skunky notes of citrus, while the deliciously sweet aromas resemble mint-chocolate ice cream and fruity sweet berries. Dark vibrant shades of lime and olive-green large fan leaves evolve during its growth then in the right hands with the final stages of flowering a spectacular array of colours emerge. With a backdrop beautiful contrasting leaves displaying deep purples, with fading reds and orange tints.

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Strain Description

The Gelato 45 strain, developed by Barneys Farm through selective breeding, is a well-balanced hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics. It is considered an excellent choice for growers of all experience levels due to its forgiving nature and adaptability to various growing techniques. This strain is the result of crossing two parent strains: Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Through careful selection and breeding, Gelato 45 was created, inheriting desirable traits from both parents. One of the standout features of Gelato 45 is its extraordinary flavor and aroma profile. It combines subtle hints of earthy pines, flowers, and skunky notes of citrus, creating a unique and contrasting scent. The aroma is often described as reminiscent of mint-chocolate ice cream and sweet berries, adding to its appeal. In terms of its physical characteristics, Gelato 45 is a robust plant that can reach a height of 100-120cm indoors when given enough time to grow. It has a relatively short flowering time of just 70 days, making it a popular choice for growers looking for a quicker turnaround. Outdoors, Gelato 45 can grow even taller, reaching heights of 2-2.5m and typically matures by the beginning of October. During its growth cycle, Gelato 45 exhibits dark vibrant shades of lime and olive-green large fan leaves. As the flowering stage progresses, the plant displays a stunning array of colors, with deep purples, fading reds, and orange tints on the leaves. The buds are densely compacted and take on an orbital shape, continuously increasing in size. They are covered in deep purple sugar leaves and gradually become engulfed in sticky resin glands, which are highlighted by bright amber pistils and a golden coating of resinous trichomes as the plant matures. Overall, Gelato 45 from Barneys Farm is a well-rounded strain that showcases the best qualities of its parent strains. With its balanced genetics, unique flavor and aroma, and visually appealing appearance, it has gained popularity among both growers and cannabis enthusiasts.

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