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Girl Scout Cookies Auto, thanks to her famous genetics, are very easy to grow, indoors or outdoors, producing plants of different shades of green and sparkling flowers. She is ready to harvest in just 10 weeks! She provides a sophisticated blend of earthy, menthol, and fruity flavors.

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The famous Cali Cookie genetics are very easy to grow, indoors or outdoors, and produce dense and sparkling buds. With different shades of green, these buds are a complex mix of dark green and light green with flecks of lighter colors on the top In between. This elegant play of colors is completed with dense splashes of crystals and orange pistils giving these cookies a big bag charm. Paper-thin leaves, the plant grows into platforms of sugar leaves, flower buds, and more sugar leaves, leaving room for one compact tail growth at the tip, as well as good internodal spacing between each bud. In the last few weeks the The leaves, like the buds, are densely covered with crystals that give the plant a delicious frosty note. Producers can expect the plant should be around 60-100cm tall and fully mature by week 10. Experienced growers can definitely think of some LST with this strain, thanks to her good inter-nodal spacing that allows for this better light transmission.Overall an easy plant to grow, but we highly recommend checking the pH in the water to be sure it is kept at around 6.5 in order not to risk damaging or stunting the growth of the plant. Producers will see one last big surge in the last few weeks of maturation. A sophisticated blend of earthy Kush flavors combined with subtle hints of menthol and fruity nuances make the whole thing taste quite sweet and biscuit-like. A nice body glow combined with an intense cerebral high.What starts as an intense head high, laughter and euphoria quickly turns into a powerful body high that will lock you to the couch and relax your muscles.

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