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Thanks to its lineage, Gorilla Cookies is a favorite for cultivators and connoisseurs alike. She is an easy plant to grow indoors and outdoors. A big producer making her a favorite with beginners and commercial growers. Flavor profile of an elaborate blend of earthy flavorings, combined with subtle minty touches and a mix of diesel and lemon.

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Strain Description

A powerful combination of our best autoflowering strains of all time. Probably one of the most potent autoflowering strains for Date, with a whopping 27% THC. Gorilla Cookies takes the best traits of its parents and makes it great, especially for all breeders. A balanced hybrid of sativa and indica, she does an incredible job both indoors and outdoors, It’s still super reliable and resilient to the elements. This strain is a big producer, which makes it perfect for more than just beginners. But also for commercial growers looking for potency, yield and flavor. Growers can expect around 600 g/m2, extreme dense buds the size of a golf ball. Impressively high THC levels result in intense resin production that brings out her buds almost completely white and covered with trichomes at the end of flowering. This is an excellent option to do all kinds of extractions, not only for the quantity and quality of resin produced, but also for the exceptional aroma it exudes. A perfectly balanced hybrid, this strain produces an intense cerebral high that will leave you euphoric and laughing. And ;slowly builds into a powerful body high that you can feel in your eyes and face and will relax you wherever you are. It ;has a synergistic high, perfect for the end of the day, especially after a long day of work.  An elaborate blend of earthy kushy flavorings, combined with subtle minty touches and a mix of diesel and lemon. You can taste a sweet cookie-like flavor while inhaling and a fuel and citrusy flavor on the exhale.

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