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Unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of Gorilla Glue 4 and Zkittlez. Introducing Barney’s Farm brand new Gorilla Zkittlez. An exquisite trichome celebration awaits following 60 days in bloom. You won’t forget the first time you experience her fertile fruits.

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Strain Description

The Gorilla Zkittlez strain by Barneys Farm is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the genetics of GG 4 and Zkittlez. It is known for its powerful and thought-provoking effects, as well as its trichome-laden appearance. With a THC content of around 24%, it offers a potent experience for cannabis enthusiasts. In terms of its genetic composition, Gorilla Zkittlez leans more towards the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum, with a ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This means that it is likely to provide a relaxing and sedating experience, ideal for those seeking rest and relaxation. When cultivating Gorilla Zkittlez indoors, it typically has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Outdoor grows can be harvested in early October. With proper care, an outdoor grow can yield up to 2.5 kg of buds, and the plants can reach a final height of around 1.7 meters. Expect aromas and tastes of fruitiness.

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