Grapefruit Superstar


What do you get when you take legendary genetics, turbocharge them with fast-growing DNA, and add a few generous spoonfuls of telltale citrus flavour? That’s right: you end up with Grapefruit Superstar. This fast-growing plant is ready to burst from the soil, filling the air with mind-blowing fruit scents. Grapefruit Superstar is set to make a lasting impression on unsuspecting growers around the world. Watch what happens when one of the best known varieties in the world gets an Amsterdam makeover, a pair of booster jets, and a splash of perfume to turn every head in the room.

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Strain Description

Grapefruit Superstar Homegrown cannabis seeds are a fast-growing 90% sativa hybrid strain with legendary genetics. They combine the renowned Jack Herer strain with Shiva Skunk, resulting in the award-winning Cinderella 99. This strain has been turbocharged with fast-growing DNA and offers a citrus flavor profile. In terms of effects, Grapefruit Superstar delivers a potent cerebral high. It provides a rapid and uplifting headbuzz, promoting talkative moods and creative inspiration. Its not recommended for evening use, as it is known for energizing productivity rather than inducing couchlock or apathy. The strains heavy sativa load makes it effective for combating tiredness and fatigue, making it a great choice for refueling mental activity. Additionally, the strain contains 1% CBN, which adds anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to the mix, potentially providing relief for headaches or migraines. The flavor and aroma of Grapefruit Superstar are dominated by tangy, sweet, and sour grapefruit notes. Limonene is a prominent terpene in this strain, contributing to its citrus profile, while Caryophyllene adds a subtle spicy touch. Grapefruit Superstar Homegrown seeds were specifically designed for sativa enthusiasts. One of the main challenges with sativa genetics is their longer flowering time, but this strain addresses that issue with an 8 to 9-week flowering period. Its a manageable height indoors, usually staying under one meter, but when grown outdoors, it can reach up to 3 meters tall. The strain exhibits robust genetic makeup, providing good protection against adverse conditions and pests. It performs well in sub-optimal lighting and can yield around 450 to 500g per square meter indoors, with slightly lower yields outdoors. In summary, Grapefruit Superstar offers a unique taste, uplifting effects, and impressive growth characteristics. Its combination of sativa genetics, fast flowering time, and fruity flavors make it a highly sought-after strain for growers.

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