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Hyperion is one of our largest F1 hybrids, offering robust genetics inherited from inbred lines descending from varieties like Amnesia, Lemon, and Sin Tra Bajo. She smells of fresh pine, earth, and spice, produces strong effects that relax the body and activate the mind, and features the unbeatable uniform grow traits that define F1 hybrid seeds.

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Strain Description

Hyperion is a popular F1 hybrid cannabis strain known for its potent effects and diverse genetic background. It is known to possess a combination of genetics derived from renowned cannabis varieties, including Amnesia, Lemon, and Sin Tra Bajo.This strain is classified as an autoflowering hybrid, meaning it transitions from vegetative growth to flowering automatically without requiring a specific light schedule. One notable characteristic of Hyperion is its distinctive aroma, which combines fresh pine, earthy tones, and spicy notes. This fragrance is a result of the terpenes present in the strain, contributing to its overall sensory experience. In terms of effects, Hyperion offers a potent and well-rounded experience. It is known for inducing a relaxing effect on the body while simultaneously activating and stimulating the mind. This balanced combination can result in euphoria, laughter, and increased motivation, making it suitable for daytime consumption. Hyperion is recognized for its towering stature among F1 hybrids. It produces uniform and stable auto-flowering plants that exhibit robust growth, making it an ideal choice for outdoor cultivation and for growers seeking bountiful yields. These plants tend to grow rapidly, developing numerous branches and multiple bud sites within a short period. The flowering period typically lasts around 55 days, resulting in a total life cycle of approximately 85 days. At harvest, Hyperion rewards cultivators with large, resinous flowers characterized by swollen calyxes and minimal foliage, allowing for efficient and speedy trimming. Overall, Hyperion F1 is a highly sought-after cannabis strain due to its impressive genetic lineage, potent cannabinoid and terpene profile, towering stature, and uniform growth traits. Its well-balanced effects and appealing aroma make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

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