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Jacks Dream is a fairly new hybrid, combining the best characteristics of Jack Herer and AMS. Jack Herer is known for its unique aroma and vigor, while AMS is known for its strength and quick flowering period. Offering a distinct flavor profile dominated by pepper and pine notes, enriched with sweet and earthy notes.

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Strain Description

The Jacks Dream strain is a hybrid cannabis variety with a genetic composition of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. It is a cross between two well-known strains: Jack Herer and A.M.S. She has a high THC content of 24.50%: The effects of Jacks Dream are described as relaxing and balanced, with the Sativa genetics providing a boost of energy and creativity. It is not known to be a heavy-hitting strain on the body, making it suitable for staying active. For indoor cultivation, the flowering cycle of Jacks Dream is around 56 to 63 days, and it produces a medium yield. It is a compact plant with a sturdy structure, short internodal length, and many branches, making it suitable for limited vertical spaces. The flowers are dense and covered in trichomes. When grown outdoors, Jacks Dream is usually ready for harvest by the end of September. The average height of the plant ranges from 150 to 170 cm, and it can yield approximately 700 grams per plant. In terms of its aroma, Jacks Dream combines the piney, hazey terpene profile of Jack Herer with the sweet and earthy background of A.M.S. The flowers emit a scent reminiscent of pine tree sap and pepper.

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