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During Barney’s Farm’s selective process on Biscotti Mintz they introduced a critical Kush pheno that displayed unusual characteristics. This combined with delicious Mintz brought something very exciting to the table. Kush Mintz is an exciting hybrid totally unique to our catalogue with amazing characteristics. Flavors contain earthy Pine and sweet citrus Kush aromas with hints of coffee and delicate notes of minty cookies!

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Strain Description

The Kush Mintz strain developed by Barneys Farm is an exciting addition to their catalog. It is a unique hybrid with a dominant indica profile of 70% and an intriguing sativa characteristic of 30%. This particular pheno of Critical Kush brought a boost of sativa genetics, resulting in a plant with powerful indica effects and some sativa influence. With its lineage tracing back to Himalayan OG Kush, Kush Mintz exhibits vigorous growth and strength. It is known for its robust nature and impressive yields, both indoors and outdoors. When cultivated outdoors, it can reach heights of up to 2 meters, showcasing its sturdy structure and productivity. The strain possesses the signature earthy pine and sweet citrus aromas commonly associated with Kush varieties. However, the addition of Mintz genetics further enhances these flavors, introducing hints of coffee and delicate notes of minty cookies. This combination creates a distinct and enticing aroma profile. Visually, Kush Mintz stands out with its resinous and sticky nature. The plant is covered in a thick layer of trichomes, giving it a glistening appearance. Its dense flowering structure is characterized by light green hues, occasionally complemented by dark green and purple fan leaves. Overall, the Kush Mintz strain by Barneys Farm is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a unique blend of flavors, aromas, and effects. With its impressive resin production, robust growth, and potent genetics, it is sure to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and high-quality strain.

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