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Moby Dick: This little known gem has been proving particularly popular with new growers and experts alike thanks to its astoundingly heavy yields. A careful merging of White Widow and Haze can only mean one thing: Massive yields. Growers love her sweet vanilla scents and guaranteed, heroic yields. She’s a keeper. Taste: Citrus Haze, Spicy Pine and Vanilla. Aroma: Sour Lemon Haze, Hints of Spicy Pine.

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Strain Description

Moby Dick is a popular cannabis strain known for its heavy yields and potent effects. Created by crossing White Widow and Haze, it has become a favorite among both new and experienced growers. One of the standout features of Moby Dick is its impressive yield potential. With yields of over 700 grams per square meter, its considered a high-yielding strain that can deliver abundant harvests. This makes it an attractive choice for commercial growers or anyone looking for a bountiful crop. In terms of effects, Moby Dick is known for its uplifting and long-lasting high. It can provide a fast-hitting and energizing experience without leaving you feeling overly sedated or tired. With a THC content of 27%, its considered a potent strain that can offer a strong psychoactive experience.The flowering period for Moby Dick is around 70 days, making it a relatively average time frame for maturation. If grown outdoors, it typically finishes its flowering cycle by the first week of October. The strain is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica, which likely contributes to its balanced effects and high yields. Many growers appreciate the sweet vanilla scent of Moby Dick, which adds to its appeal.

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